CLAAS JAGUAR – the perfect machine for each and every customer


CLAAS JAGUAR – the perfect machine for each and every customer

CLAAS JAGUAR – the perfect machine for each and every customer

Efficient, economical, digital and able to deliver high throughput: the CLAAS JAGUAR is an excellent choice for farmers and contractors looking to purchase a forage harvester, whether new or used.

Everyday agricultural work is becoming increasingly demanding: working conditions are growing more complex, machines more digital, cost pressure is rising and competition is intensifying. Given all these factors, owning the perfect machine has never been more important. It has to be extremely robust, productive and have a long service life while always keeping pace with the latest technological standards. As setbacks resulting from technical problems or, worse still, breakdowns, can be almost impossible to overcome, it makes sense to choose a forage harvester that you can always count on. The CLAAS JAGUAR has what it takes to deliver optimal performance, whatever the harvesting conditions.

Whether equipped with TERRA TRAC crawler tracks, available as an option for the JAGUAR 960 and the JAGUAR 990, or versatile front attachments, such as the PICK UP or ORBIS, CLAAS JAGUAR machines are in use all over the world harvesting an extremely wide range of crops.

Direct drive from the engine to the chopping unit

A particularly notable characteristic which reinforces the high performance of the JAGUAR is the direct drive of the chopper unit by the engine. The transverse engine layout does away with the need for an angular gear and thereby not only avoids a loss of efficiency of some 5% but also enables a significant reduction in the machine's weight and the degree of maintenance required.

Wide range of technical solutions to enhance efficiency

Another key aspect is the straight and even crop flow which makes the harvesting process both efficient and reliable. These qualities are also supported by the extensive array of technology on board. There is CEMOS AUTO PERFORMANCE, the intelligent engine management and ground drive system, for example, or the DYNAMIC POWER automatic engine output control system. Together, these systems help to reduce fuel consumption at partial load by up to 13%. DYNAMIC COOLING, the variable radiator fan drive system, adjusts the amount of cooling efficiently, delivering only the amount of cooling which is actually required at any time. This can reduce the machine's power requirement by up to 10 kW.

The innovative accelerator gap adjustment system also enables power savings of up to 15 kW, especially when the crop is only being discharged to the side. Another feature which enhances efficiency is the tyre pressure control system which reduces fuel consumption by up to 5%. Lower tyre pressure increases the contact area of the tyres, reduces the extent to which they sink into the ground and so saves power by allowing the wheels to turn more easily.

Consistent performance around the clock

The integration of smart operator assistance systems – such as AUTO FILL, CAM PILOT / GPS PILOT and CEMOS AUTO PERFORMANCE – ensures that the JAGUAR forage harvester can work consistently around the clock at optimal capacity. These systems also reduce the operator's workload to a significant degree. Statistics show that the number of control lever clicks performed by the operator when controlling the discharge spout, for example, is reduced by 50.6%. Control lever movements are down by 15.2% (or even 29.3% with GPS) while turns of the steering wheel are reduced by 35.4% (64.5% with GPS).

Reducing the operator's workload results in greater machine efficiency, increased throughput and lower fuel consumption. With its assistance systems switched on, the JAGUAR achieves an increase in throughput efficiency of up to 10% and consumes up to 13% less fuel.

Harvest data available online

Another significant benefit of the optimisation and digitalisation of work processes is the contribution these measures make to enabling direct online access to harvest data which can be used quickly and efficiently. With CLAAS connect, for example, you can monitor all your activities, work processes, documentation and licences at all times.