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Digital farming with CLAAS

Working out in the field is what your job's all about. But farming also entails office work such as planning and documentation. With Smart Farming software and hardware from CLAAS, you can connect your machines to your farm, automate your documentation and get yourself perfectly set up for precision farming. The technology locates your machines, indicates input consumption, captures your yield data, takes care of the documentation and identifies where things could be done better – saving you time, valuable resources and money.

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Get more done with Smart Farming

Agriculture has long been driven by technological advances in farm machinery. Nowadays, however, it's not just about maximising yields, but achieving measurable gains in efficiency, applying inputs with precision and solving new challenges – such as growing demands for agricultural products, labour shortages, rising costs and changing climate conditions. And there's a solution for all this: Smart Farming.

Smart Farming means using modern agricultural information technology to digitalise your farm and automate specific areas. With the help of sensors, satellite technology and integrated systems, Smart Farming apps enable you as the farmer to reduce costs, increase yields and minimise time spend in the office. What's more, Smart Farming can also help you to run your business more sustainably.

Sensors and satellite applications enable you to work with maximum precision on the field. Solutions such as GPS PILOT CEMIS 1200 from CLAAS equip your farm machines for precision farming, allowing them to steer along your pre-defined tracks and use your application maps, for example. So no more overlaps or untreated areas.

Reduce costs with machine optimisation

Automated machine optimisation, such as CEMOS from CLAAS, is a good introduction to Smart Farming. With tractors, for example, the intelligent on-board operator assistance and machine optimisation system helps to reduce fuel costs by up to 16.8% and increase performance by up to 16.3%. The suggested settings for your tractor, combine harvester or forage harvester can be configured for maximum efficiency or maximum performance, depending on requirements.

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Get more out of your business with digital solutions

Connect field to office with Smart Farming

There's more to Smart Farming than digitalising your machines. It's also about connecting planning, implementation and documentation processes. Telemetry apps such as TELEMATICS from CLAAS ensure that your office and your machines continuously exchange data. This means that you can connect all your machines – even a mixed fleet – with just one digital application. Furthermore, by connecting these apps to your farm management software, you can ensure that all processes, from inputting your field boundaries and monitoring vegetation on your fields to fertilising and harvesting, are combined in one place.

So with the help of Smart Farming apps, you can digitalise your ongoing operations. But did you know that sensors, automation and connectivity can also simplify your long-term economic planning? By continuously gathering machine data, Smart Farming allows you to analyse past sowing, fertilising and harvesting processes along with all other tasks – enabling you to make better decisions in the future.

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GPS PILOT CEMIS 1200 steering system

With the GPS PILOT CEMIS 1200 you can operate all year round with cost-effective, future-proof and simple precision farming. CEMIS provides support across the board – with tillage, drilling, fertilising, cultivating and harvesting. With automatic steering, your machine will seem like it's running on rails.

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Machine optimisation with CEMOS

CEMOS is an intelligent on-board assistant designed to help you get the best out of your machine. The machine optimisation system suggests exactly the right settings for your tractor, combine harvester or forage harvester, depending on whether you prioritise maximum efficiency or performance. This reduces complexity for you and ensures that your machine is always optimally adjusted to the conditions.

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CLAAS connect

CLAAS connect is a free app that gathers all your CLAAS machines together in one place – along with all basic and live data such as configurations, consumption and location. It also gives you rapid access to the shops for spare parts and inputs, as well as an overview of your fleet's warranty and service products. CLAAS connect connects people to machines and systems.

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Telemetry with Machine connect and TELEMATICS

Many processes on farms are intertwined – and numerous machines often have to work as a team. This is where TELEMATICS comes in; it helps you keep a close eye on your entire fleet. The system gathers the data recorded in the field and processes it. By continuously exchanging data in this way, TELEMATICS connects your fields to your office. Using DataConnect, you can also coordinate all the machines in your mixed fleet in one cloud. CLAAS API seamlessly connects to your farm management system.

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The CLAAS connect app

The whole world of CLAAS in your pocket

CLAAS connect is the portal for your entire personal CLAAS world – it's where you can access all key information and services to do with your CLAAS machines. With the CLAAS connect app you can now use all integrated functions, services and shops on your mobile device even faster and more easily. For example, request a quote for your chosen configuration from your CLAAS dealership or order spare parts 24/7 while you're still in the field. Download the CLAAS connect app for iOS or Android devices free of charge from the Apple App Store or Google Play and connect to your CLAAS machine and your CLAAS dealership.

Save costs with Smart Farming

Smart machines and devices have the potential to make farms cost-effective and future-proof.

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