Gain time. Save money.

Full utilisation of installed machine capacity through performance comparison and optimisation of settings.

Simply better performance. CLAAS TELEMATICS.

Machine performance and machinery costs are two of the main factors that are crucial to your profit margin. For contractors and larger farms, keeping track of all machine and personnel resources is a challenging task. And maximum efficiency is essential at all times: getting to the right field quickly, seamless order completion, short logistics chains.

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TELEMATICS allows targeted optimisation of operations in many areas.

  • It is an established fact that combine harvesters only use about 50% of their output potential in the field
  • Output varies by up to 40% between drivers (in the same conditions). Mandatory documentation requirements and prompt, accurate invoicing involve a large amount of administration work – but farmers believe that their skills are better employed in field, livestock and machinery management rather than in the office.

TELEMATICS – example of combine harvesters:

Studies from Germany and the UK have demonstrated that TELEMATICS can:

  • increase the available harvesting time by up to 7%
  • improve throughput by up to 10%
  • reduce losses by up to 0.5%
  • save up to 3 harvest days per season
  • or harvest up to 150 ha more per combine per season. This means potential savings of up to € 15,000 per year