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CARGOS Production in Anniversary Year.

In the anniversary year marking "50 Years of Loader Wagons", the Bad Saulgau forage harvesting plant produced more CARGOS loader wagons than ever before. For the first time, production of the chopper/transport wagon started even before Christmas to ensure on-time delivery for the 2016 harvesting season.

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Change on the CLAAS Executive Board

Jan-Hendrik Mohr, who is a member of the CLAAS Executive Board, will assume responsibility for the Grain Harvest Division, with effect from 1 April 2016.

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CLAAS and Agrovista join crop sensing forces

To provide a new industry-leading level of both mechanical, but more importantly agronomic support for the ISARIA CROP SENSOR, CLAAS UK has teamed up with agronomy specialists Agrovista UK to ensure that users receive an unprecedented level of support that is not matched by any other system.

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CLAAS crop sensor is first to receive AEF ISOBUS certification

The CLAAS ISARIA CROP SENSOR optical crop sensor is not only the first ISOBUS-compatible online sensor on the market, but it has now also received official certification from the independent organisation AEF (Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation) for its ISOBUS compatibility.

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CLAAS reports stable sales and earnings

CLAAS, one of the world's leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery, was able to increase its sales revenue to a new all-time high of 3.838 billion euros (previous year: 3.823 billion euros) despite a significant downturn in the overall market.

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New yield boosting SHREDLAGE crop processor at LAMMA

At LAMMA, CLAAS will be displaying a completely new crop processor, the MCC SHREDLAGE, which provides another major step forward in crop processing technology and has been proven to increase milk yield by up to 2.0 litres a cow, so boosting revenue, and to enable output from home-grown forage to be maximised without the need for bought-in concentrates.

CLAAS has led the way in corn cracking technology for forage harvesters since they developed the first corn cracking system for the JAGUAR back in the late 1980’s, when the ability to crack maize kernels on the forager to improve digestibility and increase yields or weight gain was seen as a major step forward.

Press Release

20 new CLAAS Service Engineers complete their studies

Twenty young CLAAS Service Engineers have started the next stage of their careers, having recently completed their four-year CLAAS Agricultural Technician Apprenticeship and been awarded their Graduation Certificates.

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CLAAS affirms long-term engagement in Russia

CLAAS has signed a declaration of intent with the Russian Federation that will make it considerably easier to sell agricultural machines built there.

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