The new TUCANO 570.

Time to grow.

TUCANO 450-320
The new TUCANO 450-320.

Time to grow.

New TUCANO - New cutterbars

Testimonials and videos from this year's harvest.

The new QUADRANT 4000.


ARION 460-410
The new ARION 400.

Just the way you want it.

DISCO disc mowers
Forage Harvesting Machines

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JAGUAR 980-930
The new JAGUAR 900 and 800

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ARION 650-530
ARION 600 / 500 CMATIC

Freedom to do more. Now with continuously variable transmission.

  • The new TUCANO 570.
  • The new TUCANO 450-320.
  • Customer Testimonials
  • The new QUADRANT 4000
  • The new ARION 400
  • Forage Harvesting Machines
  • The new JAGUAR 900 and 800
  • ARION 600 / 500 CMATIC

Additional topics

Greater productivity from 2015


With a total of 10 models and a wide number of variants within the two JAGUAR 900 and 800 models, CLAAS offers the widest range of self-propelled forage harvesters in the world and consistently account for half of all foragers sold.

New VARIO and CERIO cutterbars

New VARIO and CERIO cutterbars

CLAAS has introduced the first in a new generation of cutterbars for the TUCANO and LEXION combine ranges. The new VARIO 930 and 770 and the CERIO 930 and 770 have cutting widths of 9.3m and 7.7m respectively and incorporate a number of innovative new features.

New high density, high output QUADRANT 4000

New high density, high output QUADRANT 4000

CLAAS has introduced a new addition to the QUADRANT range, the new QUADRANT 4000 which produces a 0.80 m x 0.50 m bale and offers 15% more throughput and 10% more bale density compared to the QUADRANT 1150 which it replaces.

New TUCANO range for 2015

New TUCANO range for 2015

For the 2015 harvest, a complete new range of TUCANO models will be available. With six models available across three ranges, the new TUCANO remains true to the principle of providing arable growers with an alternative to the LEXION, it does however draw upon that range for some of its new features in order to further boost output and productivity.

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