LEXION 670-620

The LEXION with APS threshing system and effective straw walker technology.

More powerful, more productive, more flexible, more comfortable, more profitable: harvest more.

LEXION 670-620

The LEXION with APS threshing system and effective straw walker technology.

More powerful, more productive, more flexible, more comfortable, more profitable: harvest more.

Electronics expertise.

LEXION 670-620

A full overview with just a click of the mouse.

The CLAAS TELEMATICS feature enables you to access all the important data for your combine anytime, anywhere via the internet. Enjoy the benefits of TELEMATICS.

Fleet View app.

The Fleet View app from CLAAS makes it possible to coordinate the grain transport team of a harvesting fleet so that the combine harvesters can keep on working without idle time. The app continuously informs all the drivers in near real time about the positions of the combine harvesters in the fleet and their current grain tank fill levels.

Improve work processes.

A report with the operating time analysis and other important evaluations of the machine is sent to you by e-mail each day. This enables you to review the specific data from the previous day and determine when and how efficiently the combine operated before you start work again. In addition, the working tracks of the machine can be viewed together with the event log in order to optimise the transport logistics. TELEMATICS enables planned fleet management and helps avoid unprofitable idle time.

Link to demo.

You can see how all this works on a demonstration machine:


LEXION 670-620

Yield mapping.

Building on the foundation of the job management functions, you can use your LEXION to perform yield mapping. Sensors in the LEXION measure the yield and grain moisture while CEBIS adds geographic coordinates using GPS satellite data.

All measurements are stored on portable chip cards to facilitate transfer. AGROCOM MAP START software is included to enable you to produce informative yield maps to use as a basis for your future production strategy.

LEXION 670-620

Automatic guidance systems. More precise guidance.

All the LEXION models can be equipped with three automatic guidance systems which can be selected as needed according to application.

  • GPS PILOT – the satellite-supported guidance system

    The GPS PILOT can be used not only with hydraulically actuated steering, but also with the GPS PILOT FLEX automatic steering wheel. This steering wheel allows you to operate the machine with a high degree of accuracy. The great advantage of the GPS PILOT FLEX is its versatility.

    • No need to touch the hydraulics
    • Guidance system can quickly be moved between different machines

    The electric steering wheel transfers steering commands from the terminal and navigation controller to the steering axle in order to steer the machine.

  • LASER PILOT – the electro-optical guidance system
    LEXION 670-620

    The electro-optical sensors of the LASER PILOT use pulses of light to scan between the crop and stubble and guide the LEXION automatically along the edge.

    The LASER PILOT can be folded away for transport and is available for both the left and right side of the cutterbar. Its optimal positioning on the cutterbar side close to the crop edge enables a good viewing angle and ensures high functional reliability even with laid crops and slopes.

  • AUTO PILOT – the electro-mechanical guidance system

    Two sensor bands, incorporated in one of the picker units, record the position of the LEXION and automatically guide it on the best path through the rows of maize in all field conditions. In this way, AUTO PILOT contributes to greater performance and efficiency.

Support on the headlands.

TURN IN makes it easier for the machine to line up correctly. As the combine approaches the intended track, the automatic guidance takes over from an angle of 90° (where the direction of travel of the machine is the only reference parameter) or even 120° (where there is a field boundary). TURN IN allows the operator to concentrate on the attachment and the machine without also having to attend to lining up correctly. TURN IN is standard with both guidance system terminals (S10 / S7 terminal).

Automatic guidance at the headland too.

The AUTO TURN function takes care of turning manoeuvres at the headland. The direction of the turn and the next track to be worked are pre-selected on the terminal. The guidance system does the rest.

The way you want it.

Portable displays from CLAAS offer a flexible control option for ISOBUS and guidance systems. The terminal can also be moved from one tractor or self-propelled harvester to another, depending on the season or job in hand. Fit your LEXION with the equipment you need, straight from the factory or as a retrofit option:

  • S10: high-resolution 10.4" touchscreen terminal with guidance and ISOBUS functions: up to four cameras can be viewed
  • S7: high-resolution 7" touchscreen terminal with guidance functions