EASY - Efficient Agriculture Systems.

Data management and precision farming from CLAAS.

Data has long since become an indispensable resource. To profit from its full potential, you should take as good care of it as you do of your machinery fleet. All systems, machines and work processes have to be meaningfully connected and data generated must be sent to many different places for analysis. If you know exactly where your machines are, what their operating state is and what opportunities are available in the working environment, you can save a great deal of time, valuable resources and money. CLAAS has made it simple for you to keep on top of this extremely important and complex sector with EASY - Efficient Agriculture Systems.

EASY brings together CLAAS's combined expertise in data management and precision farming. It incorporates TELEMATICS machine networking, fleet management and Remote Service as well as software solutions from AGROCOM or the CLAAS CROP SENSOR for optimising the application of fertilisers and crop protection products. And if you want to retrofit a steering system or terminal to your machine, you can do it easily with EASY - Efficient Agriculture Systems by CLAAS.