Loading system.

Mast and kinematics.

Fast changeovers.

The implement carrier on the TORION is designed to provide a connection with minimum play and wear for the longest and toughest loading tasks. All implement changes are made quickly and easily. Robust hydraulic locking pins (40 mm) withstand the forces of the heaviest loads, while the short centre of gravity distance provides maximum lift and breakaway power.

  • Generously dimensioned, open design (width x height: 856 x 315 mm)
  • Easily accessible yet well-protected hydraulic connectors
  • Maximum strength and durability
  • Excellent forward visibility

User-friendly damping function.

While the vehicle is moving, the front attachment damping function can be used to prevent bouncing. The function can be activated at any ground speed, with a simple toggle switch. As well as providing a much more comfortable ride, this allows better and more effective control of the loading system in difficult operating conditions. Wear on the machine components is also reduced.

The parallel movement of the pallet fork over the entire lift range ensures safe and accurate loading, with no manual adjustments required.

The conical mast tapers away towards the cab, resulting in optimum visibility of both implement and load in every mast position.

Ideal kinematics.

The TORION is equipped with the Z-kinematics system, a proven model of clarity and efficiency. The very high breakaway power and high dumping speed make this the ideal configuration for stockpile removal operations. The bucket is filled quickly and easily, resulting in fast and efficient goods handling.

Hydraulic system.

Power hydraulics system with extra features.

For pushing and lifting heavy loads, and fast and accurate loading, the working hydraulics system provides all the power needed for getting the job done quickly and efficiently. For mounted implements with a double-acting control circuit, such as a sweeper or grab shovel, the TORION has two additional control circuits with a capacity of up to 77 l/min (TORION 639) or 70 l/min (TORION 535). All hydraulic connections on the implement carrier are within easy reach, yet effectively protected. A banjo fitting is provided to prevent hose twisting problems.

User-friendly operation alternatives.

Both hydraulic circuits can be controlled from the cab, with the joystick or additional control lever. Three different control options are available for operating the mounted implement – opening and closing a grab shovel, for example, with the additional lever, joystick or pushbutton controls.

You also have a choice of three activation options for the continuous operation of the third control circuit. This makes it easy to operate implements such as a sweeper or feed distribution shovel.