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AXION 960-920

Ready. The new AXION 900.

Ready for your really big challenges: the new AXION 900 in the CIS+ version with colour display offers simply more, while the CEBIS version with touch display delivers simply everything.

AXION 960-920

Ready. The new AXION 900.

Ready for your really big challenges: the new AXION 900 in the CIS+ version with colour display offers simply more, while the CEBIS version with touch display delivers simply everything.

More power and torque – lower engine speed and better fuel economy.

Pure power.

The AXION 900 is designed for transport work as well as field work. That's why it delivers its full engine output – without a boost – for every type of job. Even heavy tillage at low speeds is no problem. Thanks to CMATIC powertrain management, the AXION 900 employs a low-speed concept: higher output at lower engine speeds and automatic engine speed adjustment reduce operating costs.
A 6-cylinder, 8.7 litre FPT Cursor 9 engine gets to work under the one-piece bonnet. It meets the requirements of the Stage IV (Tier 4) emissions standard and is equipped with the latest common rail 4-valve technology, charge-air cooling and a variable geometry turbo (VGT).

  • NEW: Variable turbo.

    The VGT turbo delivers optimum charge-air pressure at any engine speed. It adjusts to load and engine speed, making 70% of maximum torque available even when idling. Optimised combustion therefore means low fuel consumption and maximum performance.

  • NEW: Low-speed concept

    Higher output with lower fuel consumption – this was the goal CLAAS engineers wanted to achieve when developing the innovative low-speed concept for CMATIC tractors. Further benefits include greater convenience and longer working hours on one tank of fuel:

    • Constant output range of 1,700 to 1,900 rpm
    • Constant torque range of 1,300 to 1,500 rpm
    • 95% of max. output available at the 1,000 ECO rear PTO
    • Reduced engine speed for transport work at 40 or 50 km/h (1,300 or 1,600 rpm)
    • Two idling speeds (650 and 800 rpm) with automatic adjustment reduce stationary fuel consumption by up to 2 l/h

    AXION 960-920

    Torque (Nm)Maximum output (hp) ECE R 120

Cleaning up.

SCR – the urea-based solution.

SCR stands for selective catalytic reduction, a process in which nitrogen oxides are converted into water and pure nitrogen. This is achieved by using a synthetic aqueous solution of urea (AdBlue®), which is carried in an additional tank. Exhaust gas aftertreatment enables the combustion process in the engine to function at the optimum level.

Integrated SCR system.

When designing the AXION 900 series, the components required for exhaust gas aftertreatment were considered from the outset. The diesel oxidation catalytic converter (DOC) is positioned under the bonnet immediately behind the turbocharger because it needs high exhaust temperatures to produce an optimum reaction. The SCR catalytic converter is an integral part of the exhaust system and is located on the right-hand side of the tractor right behind the A-pillar in the cab, where it does not compromise driver visibility and machine accessibility.

CLAAS CMATIC. Continuously variable.

Efficient and easy to use.

CMATIC is the name of the continuously variable transmission technology used in CLAAS tractors. In the AXION 900 series a ZF Terramatic transmission provides efficient conversion of engine power. In this split-power, continuously variable transmission, the four mechanical ranges are automatically selected by multidisc clutches. There is no need to shift between ranges manually.

The high mechanical component in the power transmission provides outstanding efficiency and low fuel consumption in every speed range.

  • Exploiting real potential.

    With engine speeds of 1,600 rpm at a top speed of 50 km/h and 1,300 rpm at 40 km/h, the AXION 900 also demonstrates its capabilities in transport operations. If the accelerator is not depressed, the transmission is in powered zero mode and maintains its position without creeping or rolling. This means that the tractor can start up safely and easily at steep field entrances or road junctions, even with a full load.

  • Superior transmission control.

    Powerful acceleration, smooth deceleration and a fast reponse to changes in load: CMATIC powertrain management shows its maturity in all conditions and for every task. Stay relaxed and focused throughout the working day so you can concentrate on more important things – CMATIC does the rest for you.

CMATIC. Optimised settings.

Simple, straightforward operation.

The CMATIC transmission has three operating modes: accelerator pedal, drive lever and manual mode.
In the first two modes, forward speed can be controlled by the accelerator pedal or drive lever. The engine speed and transmission ratio are adjusted automatically – for optimum efficiency and optimised fuel consumption. In manual mode, the driver chooses the engine speed and transmission ratio. Automatic engine and transmission control is not active.

  • NEW: Engine droop at the push of a button.

    Engine droop setting for "Eco" and "Power", and the engine speed memory

    The engine droop value can be used for quick and easy regulation of the engine speed under full load. The CEBIS or CIS terminal clearly displays the engine speed at which the transmission reduces the speed.

    When the engine speed memory is active, e.g. for PTO work, you can specify the difference from the saved engine speed at which the transmission ratio is reduced.

    Two engine droop values can be saved for engine droop in accelerator pedal and drive lever mode. They are retrieved by the quick-access facility using the F buttons. With these values, known as "Eco" and "Power", the droop can be rapidly adjusted to the task in hand, e.g. when moving from the road to the field. The engine droop for the engine speed memory is defined separately.

CMATIC. No need to stop.

Tailor-made speed ranges.

With the CMATIC transmission, three speed ranges can be pre-selected in both directions of travel. The active range is displayed in the CEBIS or CIS and can be changed while the tractor is in motion using two buttons. The lower the maximum preset value for the range, the more accurately the forward speed can be controlled.

A cruise control speed can be saved for all the ranges while the tractor is moving by pressing the button on the drive lever. The cruise control speeds can also be pre-set on the CEBIS or CIS terminal.

CMATIC allows drivers to create their own profiles according to the job in hand. Intelligent CMATIC transmission technology enables you to use the full power of your AXION economically and productively – with maximum operator comfort.

Stable and manoeuvrable.Immense tractive power.

Real stability. The true sign of a 400 hp tractor.

CLAAS has drawn on experience gained in developing standard tractors and XERION large tractors delivering 500 hp or more to create a completely new solution for the AXION 900 – for endurance work under extremely challenging conditions. The engine is housed in a strong frame section with an integrated engine oil sump which perfectly absorbs all the forces associated with the front linkage and front axle carrier.

In practice, this means:

  • Maximum stability even when using heavy front-mounted implements
  • Excellent steering lock angle for maximum manoeuvrability
  • Optimum access to the entire engine compartment and all maintenance points
  • All services securely routed within the frame section

Long wheelbase – compact design

To transfer 400 hp to the ground, the design must be just right. The AXION 900 ticks all the boxes. It has a wheelbase of 3.15 m, but its outstanding design makes it manoeuvrable in the field and easy to drive on the road. And naturally, its overall length with an implement attached remains within the legal limits. Additional front ballast is not needed for many tasks – particularly transport operations – as the long wheelbase and optimum weight distribution transfer the tractor's tractive power to the ground. This saves fuel and reduces tyre wear on the road.

Immense tractive power.

Fully balanced.

With so many front and rear axle ballast options, the AXION is easily adapted to every application. This is the only way to utilise its full performance potential without unnecessary losses. If you need to carry out heavy work at low speeds, you can increase the ballasting on the AXION very easily. Weight that is no longer needed can also be removed quickly.

Wheel weights per rear axle wheel, in kg

38" rim42" rim

A broad base.

The rear tyres on all AXION 900 models can be up to 2.15 m in diameter. Tyres up to 1.70 m diameter are used on the front axle. The numerous tyre options make the AXION 900 capable of any type of work. Even with the biggest tyres (900/60 R 42) the tractor has an external width of less than 3.0 m, making it flexible on the road and gentle on the field. The AXION 900 can also be fitted with dual tyres.1

1 Dual tyres are not available in all countries. Please refer to your dealer's price list.

Powerful and economical at the push of a button.

The right speed at all times.

Three different PTO options are available for the AXION 900:

  • 1,000 rpm
  • 540 ECO / 1,000 rpm
  • 1,000 / 1,000 ECO rpm

The PTO speed is easily pre-selected at the touch of a button. Another button activates the PTO.

Automatic PTO engagement/disengagement is activated at a specified linkage height which is continuously adjustable. To save the height, you just move the rear linkage to the required position and give a long press on the automatic PTO button. The integral freewheel on the rear PTO makes implement hitching simple.

Standing start.

The AXION transfers its full power from a standing start and even at low forward speeds. Despite the reduced engine speed, in ECO mode up to 95% of maximum engine power (e.g. 351 hp and 1,583 Nm in the AXION 930) can be transmitted to the PTO shaft, enabling even heavy implements to be operated at a reduced engine speed.

Rotational speeds:

  • 1,000 ECO rpm at 1,600 engine rpm
  • 540 ECO rpm at 1,450 engine rpm

Powerful hydraulics. Simple connections.

Pressure-free connections and no mess.

All the hydraulic couplings at the rear of AXION tractors have release levers, so they can be connected and disconnected even under pressure.

Coloured markings on the inlet and outlet sides make it easier to attach implements correctly. Oil leakage lines collect the oil from the couplings when attaching and removing connectors.

  • NEW: Hydraulics that get the job done.
    • Load-sensing hydraulic system for all AXION 900 models with 150 or 220 l/min output
    • With CIS+: controls for up to six electronic spool valves on the armrest – four of which can be operated by ELECTROPILOT
    • With CEBIS: controls for up to eight electronic spool valves on the armrest – four of which can be operated by ELECTROPILOT. Thanks to free assignment and prioritisation of the spool valves, every driver can adapt CEBIS operation according to the task in hand and personal preference. The frequently-used hydraulic functions are positioned side by side for smooth operation.
    • With CEBIS and CIS+: spool valve operation can be assigned to the F buttons on the CMOTION, multifunction armrest or ELECTROPILOT to lighten the workload during combined operating processes.
    Max. number of electronic spool valves, front22
    Max. number of electronic spool valves, rear46
    Operated with a rocker switch in the armrest24
    Operated with ELECTROPILOT44
    Spool valve prioritisation
    Free spool valve assignment

    □ Available – Not available

Lifts any implement. The rear linkage.

The rear linkage.

All AXION 900 models have a maximum lifting capacity of 11 t which enables them to carry the heaviest of implements. The rear linkage configuration can be tailored to individual requirements:

  • Cat. III or Cat. IV lower links
  • Mechanical or hydraulic top link, Cat. III or Cat. IV
  • Manual or automatic stabilisers for both lower links
  • Wheel slip control via radar speed
  • External controls on both mudguards for the rear linkage, PTO and one electronic spool valve
  • Practical ball holder at the rear
  • NEW: A hitch to suit every need.

    The tow hitch support on the AXION 900 is ISO 500 compliant. This means that hitches on other machines which conform to the same standard can be used. A wide range of hitch options are available ex factory:

    • Pick-up hitch

    In the drawbar frame:

    • Automatic clevis, 38 mm
    • K80 hitch ball
    • CUNA hitch system

    As a drawbar:

    • Cat. III or Cat. IV
    • With Piton-Fix coupling
    • With K80 hitch ball and positive steering

    A number of holes are provided in the drawbar versions so that the distance between the PTO stub and hitch point can be adjusted. This gives greater flexibility and improves manoeuvrability.

External controls for the rear linkage, PTO and one freely selectable spool valve

The drawbar versions offer several positions. The extended position increases manoeuvrability.

A pick-up hitch is available as an alternative to the ISO 500-compliant tow hitch support

Greater versatility. More applications.

Front linkage.

All AXION 900 models can be fitted with two different front linkages at the factory:

  • 5.0 t for implements and ballasting
  • 6.5 t for particularly heavy implements

Fast, straightforward maintenance.

Good access saves time and money.

Daily maintenance work should be as straightforward as possible – because we know from experience that nobody enjoys doing things that are complicated or inconvenient.

  • The large, one-piece bonnet opens at the press of a button, providing access to all the engine maintenance points
  • The engine oil can be checked and topped up on the right-hand side of the tractor when the bonnet is closed
  • All daily maintenance tasks can be carried out without tools
  • The fuel prefilter is conveniently located by the left-hand cab access ladder.
  • Large drawer in the left-hand access ladder with space for a standard toolbox
  • External battery terminals, e.g. for mobile refuelling in the field

The long oil-change intervals (engine 600 h, transmission and hydraulics 1,200 h) save time and money. As a result, less valuable working time is lost during the season and the tractor is where it should be – at work.

External battery terminals are within easy reach by the left-hand cab access ladder

Fresh air for full power.

The radiator assemblies are supported by a robust frame and gas-filled shock absorbers open the radiator panels to two positions for thorough cleaning. Cleaning can therefore be carried out safely and conveniently as required.

The air filter is in an accessible location in the cool zone in front of the radiator panels so there are no obstacles to removing it. Coarse dirt particles are removed in the filter housing, further extending the cleaning interval.