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AXION 960-920

Ready. The new AXION 900.

Ready for your really big challenges: the new AXION 900 in the CIS+ version with colour display offers simply more, while the CEBIS version with touch display delivers simply everything.

AXION 960-920

Ready. The new AXION 900.

Ready for your really big challenges: the new AXION 900 in the CIS+ version with colour display offers simply more, while the CEBIS version with touch display delivers simply everything.

Even better control with ISOBUS and ICT.

The way you want it.

Portable displays from CLAAS offer a flexible control option for ISOBUS and steering systems. The terminal can also be moved from one tractor or self-propelled harvester to another, depending on the season or job in hand. Fit your AXION with the equipment you need, straight from the factory or as a retrofit option:

S10 terminal:

  • High-resolution 10.4" touchscreen terminal
  • Steering and ISOBUS functions
  • Up to four cameras can be displayed

S7 terminal:

  • High-resolution 7" touchscreen terminal
  • Steering functions
  • EASY on board app.

    With the new EASY on board app, all ISOBUS-compliant implements can be controlled from a tablet PC1. For even greater convenience, various functions can be assigned to the F buttons as with any other ISOBUS terminal.

  • ISOBUS implement control.

    Sockets are provided at the rear in order to connect ISOBUS-compatible implements to the tractor. The ISOBUS- enabled terminal can be connected up in the cab using another socket. The attached implement is operated by means of a machine-specific display. ISOBUS compatibility means that implements from other manufacturers can also be operated using S10 terminal.

Function buttons

AXION tractors have up to ten F buttons to which different functions can be assigned in the CEBIS or CIS colour display. The current assignment can be viewed at any time in the CEBIS or CIS display window. The buttons are assigned to the corresponding function using the S10 or other ISOBUS terminals, enabling each driver to customise tractor operation to suit individual requirements.

ICT (Implement Controls Tractor).

Thanks to ISOBUS, when the AXION is used in combination with the QUADRANT square baler or CARGOS loader wagon, two AXION CMATIC functions can be automatically controlled by the implement:


Optimises the performance and work quality of the implement by controlling the tractor's forward speed. The speed is continuously adjusted to suit current conditions, enabling you to get the best out of your machine combination.


If an overload is detected in the implement, the ICT AUTO STOP function automatically switches off the PTO. This protects the entire drive train throughout long working days and reduces the driver's workload.

Always on the right track. CLAAS steering systems.

Improve the quality of your work.

CLAAS steering systems take the pressure off the driver. They show in advance which direction to take, or automatically steer the tractor along the best possible path. Mistakes and overlapping are eliminated. Studies have shown that a modern parallel guidance system can save up to 7% on diesel fuel, machine costs, fertiliser and crop protection products.

The GPS PILOT automatic steering system is controlled by the S10 and S7 touchscreen terminals (see pages 52 / 53) which feature a very simple and user-friendly menu-guided interface.

Automatic steering at the headland.

The AUTO TURN function takes care of turning manoeuvres at the headland. The direction of the turn and the next track to be worked are pre-selected on the terminal. The steering system does the rest.

Correction signal to meet individual needs.

The design of the CLAAS range enables you to extend your system easily at any time. This applies just as much to the terminal technology as to the use of today's essential correction signals.
CLAAS steering systems can be used with GPS and GLONASS satellite systems to enhance their flexibility and operational capabilities.

Keep track of all machines and jobs. All the time.


  • Improve work processes: operating time analysis
  • Optimise settings: remote monitoring
  • Simplify documentation: data collection
  • Faster servicing: remote diagnostics.

TELEMATICS allows you to call up any information about your machine at any time from any location. The data collected is sent to the TELEMATICS web server at regular intervals via the mobile phone network. This enables you or an authorised service partner to access and evaluate the relevant information via the internet.