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AXION 960-920

Ready. The new AXION 900.

Ready for your really big challenges: the new AXION 900 in the CIS+ version with colour display offers simply more, while the CEBIS version with touch display delivers simply everything.

AXION 960-920

Ready. The new AXION 900.

Ready for your really big challenges: the new AXION 900 in the CIS+ version with colour display offers simply more, while the CEBIS version with touch display delivers simply everything.

Greater comfort means higher productivity.

Spacious and quiet, with large windows and full suspension. The AXION 900 cab guarantees maximum comfort throughout long working days.

  • CEBIS version with touch display operation and the innovative CMOTION multifunction control lever
  • CIS+ version with colour display, multifunction armrest and DRIVESTICK
  • Ergonomic armrest with clearly positioned and labelled controls
  • CIS+ or CEBIS.

    The AXION 900 is available in two versions: the CIS+ version with its functional design offers simple ergonomics and automatic functions for most applications, while the CEBIS will delight more technologically-minded users who want to enjoy the highest level of comfort. From CSM headland management through implement management to ICT (Implement Controls Tractor) – the CEBIS has plenty of functions up its sleeve.

  • 4-pillar concept.

    The CLAAS 4-pillar cab offers some distinct advantages:

    • Clear view of the full working width of attached implements
    • Large-volume cab creates an extremely spacious working environment
    • Continuous windscreen
    • The cleverly positioned rear cab pillars give the driver an excellent view of the implement and hitch area.

    The layout and positioning of the controls are inspired by the design of the CLAAS AXION 800 and ARION 600 / 500 series. The controls and menu structure of the CIS+ and CEBIS versions are the same in all models. The CMOTION multifunction control lever has also become an established feature of CLAAS harvesters. CLAAS places great emphasis on having a standardised control structure so that every driver immediately feels at home in the cab and knows how to operate the controls right from the start.

CEBIS / CIS+ / CIS Cab Tour.

Discover the CEBIS, CIS+ and CIS in-cab systems as a 360° view. You can choose between the AXION 900 series (CEBIS / CIS+) and the ARION 600 / 500 series (CEBIS, CIS+, CIS).

App Store (iPad)

Experience CLAAS tractor cabs in virtual reality. With a suitable Cardboard viewer you can look around freely inside the cabs and switch between the equipment options.

App Store (iPhone)

Play Store (Android)

NEW: CEBIS. Simply everything.

Spool valve prioritisaton, implement and job management, as well as many other functions – the CEBIS leaves no stone unturned. All settings can be entered in seconds thanks to touchscreen operation and logical menu navigation, while the armrest with the CMOTION multifunction control lever offers top levels of comfort.

NEW: CIS+. Simply more.

CIS+ affords impressive ease of use and intuitive design. Despite its pleasing simplicity, it has all the necessary functionality and the automatic functions needed for effective, effortless operation. Just "simply more".

The 7" CIS colour display built into the A-pillar combines display and setting options for the transmission, electronic spool valves, F buttons and CSM headland management. All settings are conveniently entered using the rotary/push switch and ESC button.

CEBIS version.Simply everything.

An armrest that sets new standards.

All the main controls are integrated into the right-hand armrest.

The height and position of the armrest can easily be adjusted to the driver's requirements.

Functions that are used less frequently, such as PTO speed preselection and the main switches, are located to the right of the driver's seat. When the driver's seat is rotated, the electronic linkage control system can be operated comfortably with an excellent view of the attached implement. Fine adjustment of the settings can then take place while work is in progress. Two additional buttons enable you to raise and lower the rear linkage manually for easier implement attachment.

Clear, logical layout.

In both the CEBIS and CIS+ versions, many functions can be directly controlled using the rotary switches and buttons on the B-pillar.

CMOTION multifunction control lever.Everything at your fingertips.

CMOTION multifunction control lever.

The CMOTION is a CLAAS concept which makes using the main functions of the AXION 900 easier and more efficient. Functions are controlled using your thumb and forefingers, allowing your hand to stay in one place most of the time and preventing fatigue.

CMATIC operation.

The CMOTION allows sensitive and progressive speed adjustment. The further the driver pushes the

CMOTION forwards or backwards, the faster the tractor accelerates or brakes.

The free assignment option for the ten function buttons on the CMOTION means that there is no longer any need to reposition your hands while you work. All implement-specific ISOBUS functions are easily controlled using the CMOTION:

  • ISOBUS functions
  • Event counter on / off
  • Spool valves

Rear linkage functions on the CMOTION:

  • Lower to preset working position
  • Raise to the preset lift height position
  • Manual activation: lift and lower at two speeds (slow / fast)
  • Quick implement entry

CEBIS terminal.Everything under control.

Clear layout and fast operation.

The 12" CEBIS screen uses self-explanatory symbols and colour coding to give a clear picture of the settings and operating statuses. Thanks to the CEBIS menu structure and touch-sensitive screen, all settings can be entered in just a few steps.

A particuliarly attractive feature is the DIRECT ACCESS function with the machine silhouette. One touch is all it takes to go straight to the right dialogue window.

As well as screen-based operation with the CEBIS, there is a set of buttons in the armrest. Full CEBIS operation is available using the rotary/push switch and ESC button if uneven ground reduces the accuracy of fingertip operation. The DIRECT ACCESS button takes you straight to the settings for the last used tractor function.

CEBIS screen layout for road travel

CEBIS – simply better:

  • Fast and intuitive navigation using the CEBIS touch display
  • Rapid access to the sub-menus with the DIRECT ACCESS function
  • Last used function from DIRECT ACCESS touch button in the CEBIS or button on the armrest
  • Touch the machine silhouette or spool valves
  • Navigation using the rotary/push switch and ESC button on the armrest – ideal when travelling on uneven ground
  • Two different screen layouts available (road travel and field work)

CIS+ version.Simply more.

Everything to hand.

The height and position of the armrest can easily be adjusted to the driver's requirements.

Instinctive handling.

The unique DRIVESTICK handles intuitively and gives full control of the CMATIC transmission. Unlike conventional drive levers, the DRIVESTICK comes with proportional control. This means that the further it is pushed or pulled when in drive lever mode, the faster the transmission accelerates or brakes the tractor.

This functionality is not needed so often in accelerator pedal mode as the driver controls the speed with the foot pedal. However, it is still very useful, for example to manually increase or reduce the engine braking effect.

The cruise control button is also located on the DRIVESTICK. Just press the button briefly to activate cruise control, or press and hold to save the current speed. If cruise control is active, the speed can be changed simply by moving the DRIVESTICK forwards or backwards. CIS+. Simply more.

  • The perfectly ergonomic armrest.

    The multifunction armrest has been designed for optimum ergonomics and is the linchpin to relaxed and effective working. It's the result of extensive analyses of the operating processes in the cab: frequently required functions are located on the multifunction armrest, while those required less frequently are located on the right-hand side console.

  • CEBIS does it, so does CIS+.
    • Three electronic speed ranges, each with a cruise control value for both directions of travel, can be selected and activated at any time
    • Set or activate individual flow and time control for individual spool valves
    • Continuously variable PTO engagement/disengagement settings based on rear linkage height
    • Record and run four CSM headland management sequences
    • ISOBUS implements can be operated using the F buttons on the tractor
    • Implement controls tractor (ICT): with QUADRANT square balers or CARGOS loader wagons

    In both the CIS+ and the CEBIS versions, the rear linkage controls and preselection of PTO speeds are located on the right-hand B-pillar. They are readily available while work is in progress, enabling the driver to optimise the rear linkage control system settings when looking backwards.


CIS. The full picture.

The modern design of the 7-inch colour CIS display on the A-pillar provides the driver with full information about the transmission, rear linkage, electronic spool valves and F buttons. The settings are shown in the lower part of the screen. The logical, menu-guided interface and clear symbols make navigation very simple.

  • CIS. Everything at your fingertips.

    All settings are conveniently entered using the rotary/push switch and ESC button on the steering wheel. The following functions can be configured or displayed using the CIS:

    • Transmission settings such as cruise control, range, acceleration, engine droop, progressivity of the REVERSHIFT clutchless reverser
    • REVERSHIFT clutchless reverser
    • Time and volume settings for the electronic spool valves
    • F button assignment
    • Display of CSM headland management sequences
    • On-board computer functions such as display of area worked, fuel consumption, work rate
    • Maintenance interval display

Ergonomics and comfort for optimum working conditions.

First-class comfort.

Many features of the working environment make the AXION 900 the ideal choice for long working days. A large number of storage options mean that the driver can always find space for a mobile phone or documents. Under the passenger seat there is a cooler compartment which has room for two 1.5 l bottles and snacks. Perfect for your lunch break.

LED headlights for perfect illumination.

If you're still working when it goes dark, there are work lights to light up the whole of the area around the machine, so you can see exactly what you're doing. For even more demanding situations, up to 20 LED work lights and four LED road lights can illuminate the entire surroundings of the AXION almost as brightly as daylight.

As well as the large standard mirror, a wide-angle mirror for improved road safety is part of the standard equipment.

Connections to the power supply and ISOBUS for additional terminals are located below the right-hand console.

The driver and passenger seat are available with modern, non-slip fabric or elegant, easy-care leather upholstery.

A pleasant working environment.

All AXION 900 models are fitted as standard with air conditioning and, optionally, with a category 3 filter. The components of the air conditioning system are built into the double insulated cab floor, giving optimum air flow distribution in the cab and significantly reducing the noise level from the ventilation system. As no components are built into the roof, the driver has additional headroom and an enhanced feeling of space. A fully automatic climate control system is available in addition to manual control.

Clear and logical layout.

When you press the small pedal underneath the steering column the entire steering column folds out of the way, allowing plenty of room to enter and leave the cab. The column can be returned to the optimum position when you start work. A lever on the steering column also enables you to adjust the height of the steering wheel.

The instrument panel is always perfectly visible because it is mounted on the steering column and moves with it.

Illuminated interior.

By day and night, all the controls are illuminated when the headlights are switched on. And the symbols on all the switches are backlit so that they can be operated safely at all times. The brightness of the CEBIS monitor automatically adjusts to the lighting conditions, preventing glare within the cab. A dark colour scheme can also be selected in the CEBIS. This gives a softer contrast, especially when working in the dark, and reduces eye fatigue.

Protects both driver and machine. The suspension.

Full 4-way suspension.

Four suspension points mean that the cab is fully isolated from the chassis, preventing impacts and vibration from reaching the driver. Longitudinal and lateral struts join the suspension points and keep the cab stable when turning corners or braking. The entire suspension system is completely maintenance-free.

PROACTIV front axle suspension – complete comfort automatically.

The suspension adjusts to tractor loading and automatically remains in the central position. Changes in load due to braking and turning manoeuvres are also compensated. Parallelogram axle suspension and 90 mm spring travel guarantee a smooth ride.

Sit better. Work better.

The wide range of seats includes a ventilated premium seat.

  • Active seat ventilation makes the seat feel good whatever the weather
  • Suspension automatically adjusts to the driver's weight

Vibration damping.

Heavy implements mounted on the front and rear create a load on the tractor as well as the driver. The front and rear linkage are both equipped with vibration damping to compensate for peak loads during transport operations and when the attached implement is raised at the headland.