Retrofit GPS steering systems

Right where you need them. In the field.

Even the very best operators can't be everywhere at once.

Steering systems

Retrofit GPS steering systems

Right where you need them. In the field.

Even the very best operators can't be everywhere at once.

Automatic systems.

  • Actively control the vehicle's steering hydraulics
  • CLAAS range of correction signals covers all accuracy requirements
  • Offer the highest level of convenience and accuracy
  • Permanently installed on the machine


  • High accuracy at all times and at all speeds
  • 25 km/h to 400 m/h (depending on model)
  • Also ideal for farms growing specialised crops

Steering systems

The right speed for every job.


For field work, the CLAAS GPS PILOT covers a speed range which caters for all requirements (25 km/h to 400 m/h). Ideal for all types of work, from rotary cultivation tasks which move a lot of soil to planting, the GPS PILOT acts as a virtual string which ensures that your rows are completely straight. When working with modern seed drills, speeds of up to 20 km/h are the norm. Even at these speeds, the GPS PILOT guides the tractor and implement across the field in a perfectly straight line while still maintaining the required accuracy.

Automatically turns the machine at headlands.


The AUTO TURN function offers maximum convenience. The driver does not need to steer – AUTO TURN turns the machine at the headland in one sweep and guides it precisely into the next pass. This function is factory-integrated into the S10 and S7 terminals and can be activated by means of a licence code. Significantly shorter turning times and accurate lining up for the next pass bring further significant improvements in work rates. Turning in one go – without having to manoeuvre – also helps to protect the soil and minimises crop damage when lining up in row crops. What's more, the driver's workload is reduced, enabling him to concentrate on the implement functions.

Benefits of AUTO TURN:

  • Automatically turns the machine at headlands
  • Available for all machine types (tractors, forage harvesters and combine harvesters)
  • Can also be retrofitted in other machines
  • Reduces the driver's workload considerably
  • Blocks can also be worked automatically (S10 terminal)
  • Line up precisely after turning

The AUTO TURN function can be activated at the boundary line or on the worked headland (S7 terminal). With the S10 terminal, it is also possible to define a headland with a specified width. When the tractor reaches this headland line, AUTO TURN automatically triggers the turning manoeuvre, allowing the driver to concentrate fully on the implement.

Automatic line-up on the headland.


TURN IN guides the machine automatically into the chosen track much faster and much more accurately than would be possible manually. TURN IN anticipates the track to be selected by taking account of machine alignment, steering lock and current speed and uses this data to identify which parallel track to take next. The driver can influence track choice at all times by changing the parameters or actively intervening in the steering.

Benefits of TURN IN:

  • Advance track selection, taking account of speed, steering lock, etc.
  • Steering system is activated in good time
  • Activated at an angle of up to 120° to the track
  • Driver is more relaxed during work at the headland, more time for the attached implement / implement settings
  • Route for lining up with the next track is displayed
  • Driver can influence the TURN IN route

Starting at an angle of up to 120° to the track, TURN IN automatically identifies the new line to take after the turning manoeuvre and indicates the optimum track.

TURN IN is available for all CLAAS GPS steering systems with an S10 or S7 terminal.