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Press release

New high reach addition to SCORPION range

CLAAS has expanded its SCORPION range of telescopic handlers with the addition of a new 9.0m model. In addition the rest of the range will also benefit from a number of upgrades and new features available for 2020 machines.

The new SCORPION 960 completes the large platform range of SCORION telescopic handlers, and joins the current SCORPION 756 and 746 models. The five model small platform SCORPION range remains unchanged.

Capable of lifting 6000kg at 600mm load centre, rising to 6500kg at 500mm load centre, the SCORPION 960 has a maximum lift height of 8.79m. These maximum rated lift capacities are a full 1000kg (20%) greater compared to the previous generation Kramer-built SCORPION 9055.

As with the SCORPION 756, the new SCORPION 960 is powered by a Stage 4, 4.1 litre Deutz engine developing 156hp. Drive is through a three-speed 40kph VARIPOWER PLUS transmission which, in addition to the main 45° wide-angle hydrostatic pump, incorporates a second 32° swivelling variable displacement pump to provide greater tractive and pulling power.

The drive system also benefits from the CLAAS SMART ROADING system which automatically adjusts the  engine speed when accelerating and once maximum road speed is reached. As an option, the SCORPION 960 is also available with DYNAMIC POWER, whereby the engine speed is automatically regulated depending on joystick movement. The use of both these systems in tandem ensures that only optimum engine is used for the operation in hand, so saving fuel and noise.

A 4-wheel drive lock-out is also available on both the new SCORPION 960 and the 756, which for road-work allows the 4-wheel drive to be switched off, so reducing tyre wear and saving fuel.

The SCORPION 960 uses the CLAAS DYNAMIC COOLING concept, which automatically controls the fan speed and guarantees demand-driven cooling of the engine. Clean air is drawn I from the front of the engine, flows around the engine and passes out at the back. The reversing fan is also automatically activated, based on operator settings, or in particularly dusty conditions it can also be manually engaged. This system ensures that only clean air is drawn into the engine, but also saves both power and fuel.

The SCORPION 960 has a 200 litre/minute load sensing hydraulic system, rated at 270 bar. Using the CLAAS SMART LOADING control system, this provides the operator with the fine control and precision needed for the wide range of operations a telescopic handler is used for, in combination with automatic overload protection.

Functions within SMART LOADING include automatic bucket return to a set height and also fitted as standard, which will be the case with the SCORPION 756/746, is a bucket shake function. By initially shaking the bucket though moving the joystick from side to side, if the joystick is then held to just one side, the bucket will continue to shake. Along with the SCPRION 1033, the SCORPION 960 is also fitted with a hydraulic levelling system between the front axle and the chassis. Activated by a switch in the cab and using an inbuilt spirit level, this ensures greater stability when working at height on uneven ground.

In the cab, all the main switches and controls are logically positioned and colour coded. For optimum comfort, the armrest including the joystick is mounted on the seat and all the main gauges and dials are centrally grouped so that they can be easily seen.

Other features fitted as standard on the SCORPION 960 include four different steering modes, boom suspension and push button pressure release for changing attachments.

2020 upgrades for the SCORPION range

In addition to the new large platform SCORPION 960, the rest of the SCORPION range will be available with a number of new features and upgrades for 2020.

In order to meet Mother Regulation 2 compliance, all SCORPION machines are now fitted with side marker lights and reflectors. In addition, all machines now come with plastic fuel tanks, which for small platform models has helped improve the filling angle, resulting in easier filling and less chance of spillage. A free-flow return hydraulic pipe is also now available on all models.

On small platform SCORPION 1033-635 models, the pressure in the 160 litre/minute hydraulic system has been increased from 200 bar to 240 bar, plus a new load hold valve is also now fitted. Between them, these will provide improved fine control of the machine and boom, which is also now available with a JCB Q-Fit headstock.