Greater productivity from 2015


With a total of 10 models and a wide number of variants within the two JAGUAR 900 and 800 models, CLAAS offers the widest range of self-propelled forage harvesters in the world and consistently account for half of all foragers sold.

Following the launch of the new JAGUAR 800 for this foraging season, it is now the turn of the JAGUAR 900 range for which there will be a number of new features and updates for the 2015 foraging season.

One of the main changes is under the bonnet. While all JAGUAR 930 to JAGUAR 960 models will be powered by straight 6 or V8 Mercedes-Benz engines, using SCR AdBlue technology in order to meet TIER 4i emissions regulations, the top-of-the-range JAGUAR 980 and 970 are powered by V12 and V8 MAN engines respectively.

JAGUAR 900 range


HP @ 1800 rpm (ECE R120)

EngineCylindersDisplacement (litres)
JAGUAR 980885MANV1224.24
JAGUAR 970775MANV816.16
JAGUAR 960653Mercedes (SCR)V815.93
JAGUAR 950598Mercedes (SCR)V815.93
JAGUAR 940510Mercedes (SCR)V815.93
JAGUAR 930455Mercedes (SCR)Straight 612.82

However power isn’t everything, it’s how you use that power. To keep the engine cool, a new optional feature on the CLAAS 900 range is DYNAMIC COOLING, which uses a variator and belt drive that automatically adjusts the fan speed depending on the temperature of the coolant, hydraulic oil and intercooler. This results in more efficient use of the fan, which in turn reduces power requirement by over 20hp, which can be used for chopping power instead.

A unique feature available on JAGUAR 980-940 forage harvesters, which can help to considerably reduce fuel use, is DYNAMIC POWER. Using DYNAMIC POWER, as the load on the engine varies, for instance when working in lighter crops or lower yielding parts of the field, this is automatically recognised by the engine management system, which will alter the engine power output accordingly over 10 power steps from just 272hp up to 510hp on the JAGUAR 940 or 884hp on the JAGUAR 980.

In trials conducted by the DLG, by using DYNAMIC POWER to match engine power to crop load this resulted in fuel savings of 12.3%, but not at the expense of output. Taking this a stage further, new for 2015 on the JAGUAR 980 and 970 will be DYNAMIC POWER PRO which enables the operator to use CEBIS in order to adjust the power steps dependent on the conditions they are working in.

A key feature of the JAGUAR range and key to its continued worldwide popularity is its powerful and efficient direct drive system, where all the main components are directly driven by the engine, without the need for a right angle gearbox, therefore reducing power loss. Allied to this is the smooth straight crop flow through the forager which ensures that a high crop flow can be maintained for the least amount of power.

A new feature within the JAGUAR 900’s chopping system for 2015 is a hydraulic tensioning system that acts upon the rear precompression roller. Unlike a spring based system, this has the benefit of ensuring that a constant pressure is maintained on the material flowing into the forager regardless of crop density, with the result that a consistent chop quality is maintained and output increased, especially in thick or lumpy conditions.

Changes to the feed roller drive system now mean that using COMFORT CUT, infinite chop length adjustment is possible across the entire chop length range from 5mm up to 26.5mm (with a V-MAX 20 chopping cylinder). The feed roller drive pump and motor are also now mounted on rubber bushes, which reduce vibration and noise.

In other updates to the chopping system, the V-MAX chopping cylinder also now features a new segmented mounting system for the blades. This not only makes it quicker and easier to change and set the blades, but also means it is simpler to change blade configuration.

To cope with the higher throughput resulting from the new hydraulic tensioning system, to ensure a high level of crop processing is maintained, a new MULTI CROP CRACKER M (MCC M) is also now available on JAGUAR 960-930 models and also all the JAGUAR 800 range. This incorporates 200mm diameter rollers that are supported on new heavy duty bearings within a new strengthened housing. The drive to the MCC on all JAGUAR 900 series machines uses a new maintenance-free hydraulic belt tensioning system to ensure that maximum power is maintained. In the event that the CORN CRACKER needs to be completely removed, the JAGUAR’s side panel can now be swung open through 90 degrees, making access to the cracker unit far easier and enabling it to be quickly and easily removed. The accelerator has also been updated and now features new heavy duty bearings and pulleys.

The new JAGUAR 900 series also comes with new front and rear tyre options that are much taller, which helps to increase the ground clearance of the machine. The new tyres also reduce ground compaction, and if used with the optional tyre pressure regulation system, which is a unique feature to CLAAS, it allows the operator to maximise the tyre footprint.

In the cab, a combination of the quieter feed roller drive system and the use of new noise reducing glass in the front and rear windscreen, in addition to changes to the cab floor, means that the cab is far quieter. Central to the setting-up and operation of the JAGUAR 900 range is an updated version of CEBIS which incorporates a number of new features designed to provide easier, faster and more intuitive operation.

To access function screens, the operator can either use the main rotary switch or the new HOTKEY which provides direct access to pre-selected functions. Also when working at night, CEBIS now incorporates a night mode, making it easier to read. In addition, the operator now has the option to be able to switch off some of the automatic functions and control these manually. Should they wish to re-engage these functions, this is simply done at the press of a button.

Another new feature on the JAGUAR 900 range is the availability of more adjustment parameters for the knives and shearbar. Using CEBIS, the operator can now set a reminder as to when the knives need sharpening or the shearbar adjusting after a set operating time has elapsed. On foragers fitted with QUANTIMETER throughput monitoring, a reminder can also be set after a set yield quantity has been harvested.

Other updates for the 2015 JAGUAR 900 range include the provision of larger fuel tanks for greater daily output, a new 375 litre capacity additive tank with a higher capacity pump with application rate determined by either throughput, moisture content or dry matter content.