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Free field catalogue


Comprehensive yet simple.

Free field catalogue


Comprehensive yet simple.

365FarmNet is the innovative software solution for your entire farming operation.

365FarmNet allows you to manage your business across multiple manufacturers and branches of the industry, whether you're at home or on the go – and it's free!

365FarmNet is a web-based application, and requires no prior installation. The only "technical" requirement is that you have a computer or mobile device with access to the internet.

The following functions are always available at no charge

  • General inventory management
  • Fertilisation planning
  • CC compatible
  • Site-specific weather information
  • Farm map with crop overview
  • Full documentation function
  • Aerial views of your fields
  • Can be used while you're on the go
  • Field map

Can be individually tailored to your needs.

With the partner model from 365FarmNet, it is possible to manage all your manufacturers with just one piece of software.

365FarmNet interfaces with the smart apps of providers in a number of different agricultural areas – from machine manufacturers and producers of fertiliser and crop spray, to manufacturers of technical equipment used for animal production.

CLAAS is part of this network. Intelligent solutions are bundled together in a program with various add-ons.

Route optimisation in 365FarmNet

With CLAAS route optimisation in 365FarmNet, farmers can work out the most suitable tracks for working the fields.

With a minimum of core data, such as working width, headland and speed, the time and route length can be calculated automatically for each task, and the optimal AB line established. This not only makes life easier for the farmer, but also optimises working time and resources.

TELEMATICS in 365FarmNet

With the TELEMATICS module in 365 FarmNet, you can keep an eye on the activities of your CLAAS TELEMATICS machines wherever you happen to be. View important real-time machine and route information directly in the farm map. Yield maps and tracks can be imported into the program in real time, provided you have a current TELEMATICS licence.

Soil samples in 365FarmNet

Soil samples can be displayed easily and instantly on the farm map. We provide this service in partnership with CLAAS Landsberg. The soil samples are sent directly to 365 FarmNet, saving both time and money. For further information, contact your precision farming experts.

As a farmer, you decide which add-ons you need to buy, so you pay only for what you really need. In this way, 365FarmNet can be tailored exclusively to your individual requirements.

You can test all add-ons free for 30 days, with no obligation. The trial period ends automatically. You will find all add-ons in the shop available within the program.

With the 365FarmNet apps for iOS and Android, you can record and post information on the spot as the work is carried out. Even in areas where you do not have internet access with your mobile device, the data will still be saved. The program will automatically update your 365FarmNet account at regular intervals, as soon as there is coverage again.

You can find more information on the farming software on the 365FarmNet website.