Engine + Drive train.

Durable engines.

A wheel loader used every day needs an engine that will guarantee maximum operational reliability. Both small-size models are fitted with powerful four-cylinder Yanmar engines, delivering 50 kW (68 hp) in the TORION 639 and 46 kW (63 hp) in the TORION 535. These are robust, servicing-friendly units, reliably providing the power this all-rounder needs for its many and varied tasks around the farm.

Clean air.

Both four-cylinder engines meet the requirements of exhaust standard Stage IIIB (Tier 4i). Exhaust treatment is carried out with a diesel particulate filter (DPF) with integrated diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC). The use of SCR technology is not required. The filter regeneration mode can be adjusted according to the conditions, with either manual or automatic regeneration, as preferred.

Individual regeneration.

  • Automatic regeneration occurs with no operator intervention while the machine is operating
  • Manual regeneration simply requires the driver to press a button
  • Regeneration can be temporarily switched off when conditions are unfavourable

Cooling system.

Keeping the dust out.

Cleaner engine intake air means better compression and higher power. In the TORION, fresh air is drawn in from the radiator cooling package and prefiltered. The air filter is readily accessible on the left of the machine engine compartment. A dust extractor valve efficiently removes dirt and dust particles from the filter – protecting the filter and making servicing easier.

Cool incoming air.

Again in the smaller TORION models, the generously sized radiator cooling package ensures there is plenty of cooling capacity in all climate conditions. The intelligently designed air supply route guarantees high cooling capacity right from the outset: the heat given off by the engine can leave the engine compartment without being drawn back into the system.

Blowing away the cobwebs.

The robust design of all components of the radiator cooling package allows operation with long servicing intervals. And to help the process along, you can clean things up with a blast of compressed air or air sprayer from time to time. Regular machine servicing has never been so easy!

Drive train.

Hydrostatic drive system.

The smaller TORION models feature an infinitely variable hydrostatic drive system to make the job easier. This system offers outstanding drive characteristics, sensitive and precise driving at any speed, and application of just the right amount of thrust required. Identical drive parameters are available for forward and reverse.

Two speed ranges are provided for adjusting the TORION to the operating conditions.

Speed range 1:Speed range 2:
0 - 6 km/h

0 - 20 km/h

Braking with the inching pedal.

Pressing gently on the brake/inching pedal allows infinitely adjustable deceleration of the ground speed, with the engine speed remaining the same. Fully depressing the pedal automatically decreases the ground speed down to zero, and activates the service brake (hydraulically operated drum brake).

  • Precise and sensitive driving at any engine speed
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Less brake wear
  • Maximum loading performance
  • Comfortable, precise driving

Constant slow-speed driving.

For tasks such as sweeping or bedding down, requiring high oil flow but low ground speed, the creep-speed facility is ideal. The machine is then driven at a constant speed in a set inching position. The required flow of hydraulic oil can be controlled with the accelerator via the engine speed.

  • Continuously variable power adjustment between traction hydraulics and working hydraulics
  • Work comfortably for long periods without tiring, with a set inching position


Axles for maximum stability.

The strong axles and fully automatic multi-plate self-locking differential with locking value of 45% on both axles ensures maximum safety when the machine is operating in difficult conditions.

  • Rigid-mounted planetary axles for high stability during all loader operations
  • Even power transmission over all four wheels
  • Zero-servicing propeller shafts for minimum servicing expense

Intelligent design for every farm.

Just like their larger counterparts, the smaller TORION models must be able to cope with high load capacities with maximum stability and protection against tipping. These requirements are met with the low centre of gravity and ultra-compact design in terms of height (total height of less than 2.50 m).

The articulated joint comes into its own in confined spaces, such as loading operations carried out around corners.

The central articulated joint between the front and rear sections of the loader has a double-acting steering ram, allowing an articulating angle of 10° and steering angle of 40° on each side. This robust, durable joint is designed to work in tough conditions – yet, thanks to its narrow turning radius, the TORION also remains impressively agile, even in confined spaces.

For road transport operations of all kinds, the TORION has an automobile ball hitch (K 50) or an automatic pin coupling. Maximum trailer loads are 750 kg (without braking) and 3,500 kg (with automatic overrun brake).