Ready for anything.

When it comes to narrow-width tractors, customers are very discerning and their needs are highly specific. Since plantations, operators and implements cannot adapt to the tractor, the tractor itself must offer a particularly extensive range of product types, a broad selection of tyres, many equipment options and, last but not least, excellent performance.

Short maintenance times, long intervals.


Ready in a flash.

When the NEXOS is called upon to give its all in hot, dusty conditions in narrow rows or plantations, everything needs to be right. Daily maintenance work must be as straightforward as possible, since we all know from experience that nobody likes having to face complicated or awkward tasks.

Thanks to its one-piece bonnet, the entire engine compartment can be accessed at the flick of a catch. The air filter is directly accessible, allowing it to be quickly checked and cleaned. The radiator slides out, and the air filter can be removed in no time at all. When required, radiator surfaces can be cleaned quickly and easily, reducing downtime to the absolute minimum.

The cab air filter is easily accessible from the exterior and can be cleaned very quickly to ensure an ongoing supply of fresh air to the cab. All the materials used in the cab are highly robust, resistant to dirt and easy to clean.


Ease of maintenance.

The NEXOS boasts particularly long maintenance intervals. 500-hour engine oil change intervals reduce downtime and costs. The hinged bonnet is also extremely convenient and enables the fuel tank to be accessed and filled with ease.

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