The biggest contender – from CLAAS.

The experience of more than 90 years of baler design has gone into the QUADRANT 3400.

CLAAS Square Balers | QUADRANT 3400 – the benefits for you.

  • Bale size 1.20 x 1.00 m
  • Up to 60 tonnes of straw per hour (world record)
  • Hydraulic pre-chamber, controllable from the cab
  • Impressive throughput, thanks to 86-cm rotor diameter
  • Can be used for straw, hay, silage, miscanthus, sorghum or hemp

The exclusive 120 x 100-cm bales.

In straw, hay and silage, the QUADRANT 3400 guarantees more than just high throughput per hour and day, with up to 60 tonnes of straw per hour. The new CLAAS exclusive Eurobale size of 120 x 100 cm ensures that you can fully utilise the loading capacity of your field handling equipment.

  1. Bale size 1.20 x 1.00 m
  2. Hydraulically driven 2.35-m pick-up
  3. Large-sized chopping or feed rotor with 86-cm diameter for increased output
  4. ROTO CUT: 25-blade chopping rotor with knife group changing
  5. Drop floor for blockage clearance
  6. Hydraulically controlled and connectable pre-chamber, configurable from the cab
  7. Packer-tine control adjustable in four stages
  8. 3.00-m-long bale chamber
  9. Knotter design without twine residue with six swivel-mounted CLAAS high-performance knotters
  10. TURBO FAN knotter cleaning
  11. CLAAS COMMUNICATOR II with colour display and ISOBUS technology
  12. Tandem axle or steered tandem axle


  • 25-knife chop quality
  • Knife change in groups of 0, 12, 13 or 25 knives


  • The high-performance rotor in the QUADRANT 3400 feeds the crop into the baler using the hydraulically controlled packer tines
  • With a width of 1.30 m and a diameter of 86 cm, this is the largest rotor on the market

Implement Controls Tractor (ICT).

With its new ICT concept, CLAAS facilitates process and performance optimisation in tractor-machine combinations. The operating parameters of the attached equipment control the tractor. This means the baler is constantly operating at peak performance, guaranteeing the best results whatever the conditions.