Powerful technology. High throughput.

The experience of more than 90 years of baler design has gone into the QUADRANT 3200.

Interview: Thierry Bonhomme.

The QUADRANT 1200 pioneered the 120 x 70-cm bale size in 1987. CLAAS then went on to create a revolutionary large baler family featuring higher capacity and legendary reliability with the QUADRANT 2200. The 3200 series delivers even greater throughput, a new, additional pre-chamber control and the next FINE CUT generation.

Thierry Bonhomme played a major role in the development of the QUADRANT 3400 and 3200.

What are the new features that set the QUADRANT 3200 apart?

A new transmission and new drives have been developed to boost throughput. What's more, the new baler has been fitted with a pre-chamber system for small swaths in order to achieve even more effective machine utilisation. This is an additional and adjustable hydraulic pre-chamber that we've adopted from the king-sized QUADRANT 3400.

What advantages do the new packer tines and pre-chamber design offer our customers?

It's the only pre-chamber that can be adjusted from the cab and also switched on and off from there. This means that different harvesting conditions can be catered to quickly and easily when changing fields. In small swaths, the pre-chamber can be adjusted and adapted individually to the prevailing circumstances. Top-quality bales are therefore produced in all conditions. However, you don't need to use the pre-chamber for large swaths. The pre-chamber is switched off in this case, and the chamber is filled with every piston stroke. This keeps the bale slices as small as possible, and top compaction is achieved with a low power requirement. Heavy, consistently long bales are the result.

Further features of the new baler are the second-generation FINE CUT and an increased throughput capacity. How did these come about?

The new drives increase the crop flow speed at the POWER FEEDING SYSTEM and rotor by 30 percent. The chopped slices are thinner, and the throughput increases. These are benefits that show up especially with the FINE CUT cutting system with its 49 knives. With the new FINE CUT chopping system, the cutting frequency increases to over 35,000 cuts per minute. In contrast to the front-mounted chopper, short straw can be produced for bedding or forage rations directly in the field without creating large dust clouds and undesirable straw mats.

Operating and driving comfort are two key features of the QUADRANT for drivers. What's been changed on the new baler?

For me personally, in addition to the high operating comfort of the CLAAS COMMUNICATOR control terminal, the transmission with automatic sequential switching is extremely important. The CLAAS patented interactive overload protection for the rotor and packer tines connects two independent clutches with one another – shear bolts and chains are a thing of the past. In an overload situation, it automatically switches off the feed and actively clears the blockage.

Does the QUADRANT 3200 cover all application needs?

The objective, very clearly, was to satisfy market requirements. Customers demanded balers that are versatile, achieve perfectly compacted bales in all crops and therefore make high annual outputs possible. At the same time, they must enable the ever-shortening harvesting windows to be exploited to the full with large throughputs, and they must clear areas faster and set new standards for tonnage output per season. And the fact that we have succeeded in this is proven by the QUADRANT 3200 in the field.

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