Powerful technology. High throughput.

The experience of more than 90 years of baler design has gone into the QUADRANT 3200.

FINE CUT – short straw is convenient to use and tasty.

Animals that feel good, produce more. For this reason alone, short straw has gained acceptance as the ideal bedding in numerous poultry sheds, dairy cattle cubicles and pigsties.

It's almost entirely dust-free, since the cutting action prevents dust from getting in. Furthermore, short straw is increasingly being added to the feed mixer. Our FINE CUT straw is easily mixed, doesn't need to be mixed in advance and mixes directly with the added silage. Additionally, the cut material has the added benefit of stimulating the rumen action:

  • Significantly better crop intake
  • Reduced waste
  • Stimulation of rumen action
  • Increase of overall crop intake
  • Cuts the time for replacement of food residues and cleaning of feeding stations

51–26–13–12 – flexible sharpness.

The QUADRANT 3200 with new FINE CUT cutting system produces short straw lengths directly in the field without loss or dust. The new FINE CUT generation with 51-blade chopper housing opens up entirely new dimensions of straw and cutting quality. The increased chopping frequency of over 36,000 cuts and a new chopping geometry increase both throughput and the precision of the cut. The straw is cut with a knife spacing of 20 mm and compacted into firm bales. All 51 knives are designed with a pull-through cut to save fuel.

This reduces machine energy requirements significantly, giving you great fuel savings in the process.

New knife group changing.

For application in silage, the number of blades can be effortlessly reduced. With knives each secured by two springs, the new knife group changing configuration facilitates pre-selection of the number of knives to be swivelled into the chopping channel: 12, 13, 26 or all 51.

51 knives – quick replacement.

The new knife drawer, which provides ease of access for maintenance work, is also available for the QUADRANT with FINE CUT. The drawer can be opened quickly and conveniently on bearing-mounted rollers for blade replacement. The new automatic function for blade replacement also aids routine tasks.

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