CRUISE PILOT for the JAGUAR 980-940.

Making optimal use of engine capacity.

The automatic control of the ground speed by CRUISE PILOT allows the engine load to be used to the full. The operator specifies the desired engine load in CEBIS by setting the corresponding engine speed. CRUISE PILOT is activated easily by means of the control lever.

The JAGUAR now adjusts its performance to operate at the set engine load all the time. If the crop suddenly becomes more dense, the ground speed is reduced automatically. If the crop density diminishes again, the JAGUAR increases the ground speed until the preset engine output is attained. This automatic adjustment is based on the detection of the throughput and the engine load.

CRUISE PILOT is an operating mode. You choose the appropriate strategy:

  • Cruise control
  • Constant throughput
  • Engine load

You can use the HOTKEY direct menu rotary switch to adjust the selected mode in accordance with the operating conditions while the machine is running.

The benefits for you:

  • Greatly eases the operator’s workload
  • JAGUAR performs at maximum efficiency