JAGUAR front attachments.

Built to meet the challenge.

With their versatile range of front attachments, CLAAS JAGUAR machines harvest an extremely diverse array of crops around the world.

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JAGUAR front attachments.

Built to meet the challenge.

With their versatile range of front attachments, CLAAS JAGUAR machines harvest an extremely diverse array of crops around the world.

ORBIS 900 / 750 / 600 SD / 600 / 450. Row-independent harvesting.

Front attachments

Up to 9 m working width.

The ORBIS row-independent maize front attachment from CLAAS with working widths from 4.5 m to 9.0 m combines completely new design and drive ideas with the experience we have gained around the globe. Its outstanding features and excellent reliability ensure success during the maize harvest.

A central locking system ensures that the ORBIS is securely connected to the JAGUAR. Power is transmitted smoothly via a quick coupler.

The ORBIS 600 SD is offered parallel to the ORBIS 600.

The SD is particularly suited to normal and low-growing crops. The outer sections with the small discs and the additional vertical feed drums enable an extremely free-flowing crop flow. The ORBIS 600 with the large discs comes into its own in normal and very high yield maize stands.

Front attachments

Drive requires less power.

The JAGUAR transmits its power to the ORBIS maize front attachment mechanically. However, ORBIS does not require a huge amount of power. The new drive concept has fewer transmission elements, and the low starting torque is a major asset.

  • Reduced diesel consumption, thanks to low power requirement
  • Engage or reverse under full load
  • The drive elements are individually protected
  • Input transmission as clutchless reverser with two possible speed ranges
  • 3-speed manual transmission for optimal speed adjustment for different cutting lengths and harvesting conditions
  • The laid maize augers can be switched on or off individually to ensure an optimum crop flow
  • Easy access to all drive modules
Front attachments


The ORBIS concept featuring a combination of small and large discs is characterised by an extremely high crop flow. The ORBIS handles maize stands of up to 100 t/ha (US or Italian harvesting conditions) perfectly. When the machine is reversed, the plants which have already been cut remain on the large discs and are then drawn in. The low starting torque of the ORBIS means that it can be restarted at full load and at the upper rated speed at any time.

Three-tier structure.

However difficult the harvesting conditions may be, the three-tier structure of the ORBIS transport discs ensures a clean and even crop flow every time.

  • The synchronised rotation of the large cutting and transport discs guarantees a consistent and gentle crop transfer
  • Thanks to the small distance between the cutting edge and the discs, ORBIS always leaves behind a uniform stubble height
  • Sturdy tubular bars prevent the cobs from falling out, keeping losses to a minimum
  • The blades are always sharp, thanks to the self-sharpening effect


Perfect ground-contour tracking.

The front attachment suspension maintains an ideal lateral balance so that the ORBIS adjusts itself optimally to the ground contours. This leads to an appreciable reduction in wear and increases reliability.

The suspended frame is linked to the main frame by three arms. It is controlled mechanically by means of a central damper or electrohydraulically via sensor skids (AUTO CONTOUR).

The advantages:

  • Low friction
  • Light-footed
  • Hugs the ground contours

The adjustable central damper has a defined central position to ensure safety and stability in all applications.

  • Minimum bounce, even on slopes
  • Optional wear skids are available
  • Mechanical lateral balance when CONTOUR comes into contact with the ground
  • Automatic lateral balance with AUTO CONTOUR by means of outer sensor skids
  • No need to lock the suspended frame when driving on the road