LEXION 670-620

The LEXION with APS threshing system and effective straw walker technology.

More powerful, more productive, more flexible, more comfortable, more profitable: harvest more.

CLAAS combine harvesters | LEXION 670-620.

How you benefit.

  • NEW: AUTO CLEANING, AUTO SLOPE and automatic crop flow monitoring
  • NEW: Mercedes-Benz engines provide reliable reserves of power, even under the toughest field conditions
  • NEW: Side access to straw walker compartment
  • Professional straw processing with SPECIAL CUT and power spreader with automatic discharge direction adjustment for even spreading of straw over the entire working width
  • VARIO cutterbars in widths up to 12.27 m facilitate up to 10% better performance by optimising the crop flow
LEXIONDrum width
Straw walkers
Grain tank
EngineMaximum engine power (ECE R 120) (kW/hp)
6701700611000/ 10000 (MONTANA)Mercedes-Benz OM 470 LA320 / 435
6601700610000 / 11000 (Option)Mercedes-Benz OM 470 LA300 / 408
650170069000/ 10000 (Option)Mercedes-Benz OM 936 LA260 / 354
630142059000Mercedes-Benz OM 936 LA260 / 354
620142058000 / 9000 (Option)Mercedes-Benz OM 936 LA230 / 313

Further technical data for LEXION 670-620 can be found in the download area.

LEXION 670-620

Unique APS threshing system.

Only CLAAS offers this outstanding, high performance patented system. The decisive competitive edge of CLAAS can be seen well before the threshing drum. The significantly increased acceleration of the crop flow from 3 m/s to 20 m/s triggers a chain of extremely efficient processes. more...

LEXION 670-620

NEW: Mercedes-Benz engines.

All LEXION 600 models are now equipped with Mercedes-Benz engines. The 6-cylinder in-line engines have displacements of 10.7 l and 7.7 l respectively. The LEXION 670 and 660 models also have the horizontal DYNAMIC COOLING system whose variable fan drive always delivers the correct degree of cooling and saves fuel. more...

LEXION 670-620

NEW: AUTO SLOPE. Automatic fan control.

Cleaning can be a particular challenge when harvesting fields which are not level. Once you have set the required fan speed, the intelligent AUTO SLOPE system now provides continuous automatic adjustment of it in line with changing conditions when operating uphill or downhill. more...

LEXION 670-620

Automatic discharge direction adjustment.

All LEXION models with a power spreader can be equipped with two sensors for automatic adjustment of the direction in which the chopped material is discharged. The automatic discharge direction adjustment also enables consistent distribution of the chopped material across the entire working width when operating on sloping terrain. more...



Each individual component is engineered to perform optimally as part of the overall machine system.