AVERO 240 / 160

The compact class.

The first in its class with APS: AVERO 240. Proven threshing technology: AVERO 160.

AVERO 240 / 160. How you benefit.

  • Up to 20% more throughput with APS without any increase in fuel consumption
  • The sound-insulated, spacious VISTA CAB provides an exceptionally quiet environment which allows you to focus on your work
  • Visual returns check from the operator's seat through the illuminated inspection window
  • The multifunction lever, CLAAS INFORMATION SYSTEM (CIS) and electrohydraulic control of the cutterbar, threshing unit and grain tank offloading system ensure comfortable steering and control
  • VARIO cutterbars improve performance by up to 10% due to even crop flow
  • CONSPEED LINEAR, RAKE UP, the folding cutterbar and the FLEX cutterbar provide versatile harvesting solutions
AVERO 240-160
AVERO 240-160

The compact class by CLAAS.

The time is right. Everything indicates perfect harvest quality. The AVERO by CLAAS is the ideal machine for smaller and mid-sized operations with a desire for their own equipment.

Compact, high-performance, reliable and equipped with all the features you're accustomed to in CLAAS machines: easy operation, economical upkeep and simple maintenance.

It's all yours.

You can start work whenever you want without having to twiddle your thumbs waiting for someone else. Investment in your own technology is an investment in your own independence.

AVERO 240-160

The first in its class with APS. AVERO 240.

The APS threshing and separation system already performs beautifully in the LEXION and the TUCANO. Now, this proven threshing technology by CLAAS is available for the first time in the compact class.

For your harvest, APS means:

  • Significantly faster crop flow
  • Significantly greater separation
  • The MULTICROP concave for all crops
  • Up to 20% more throughput with no increase in fuel consumption

Proven threshing technology. AVERO 160.

The AVERO 160 uses a conventional CLAAS threshing unit which has an excellent track record in practical use.

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