The drive system reconceived – CLAAS POWER SYSTEMS (CPS) is all about the perfect interplay of all individual drive system components.

Performance in the field is what counts.

In the past, the issue was clear: power was what mattered. When choosing an agricultural machine, powerful solutions were foremost in the mind. Today, that's no longer enough. Many of our competitors are now focusing very much on efficiency, which is about striking a balance between performance and outlay. CLAAS, however, is going one step further. We understand that it's performance in the field that counts. Our customers demand nothing less than the very best in productivity, comfort and environmental compatibility. We therefore provide our customers with solutions that give equal consideration to the drive train and work system. We have been fortunate in that we have never had to commit ourselves to a single engine technology, and that has enabled us to keep an open mind when it comes to the best possible solutions. With respect to the new emissions standards, this Kraftintelligenz will prove extremely advantageous and set us apart from our competitors who have chosen to focus heavily on engine systems and exhaust purification techniques in the current ongoing debate. We have redressed power in a new guise, and will further enhance it – in close dialogue with our customers.