Press release

New CIS+ specification option for the AXION 900 and ARION 600/500 tractor series

CLAAS has added a new additional package available on AXION 800 and ARION 600/ 500 range to complement the proven, mechanical spool, CIS system and the new premium CEBIS touch. The new CIS+ is aimed at customers looking for the additional comfort of electronic spool valves, without the need for the level of technology offered on the new CEBIS touch.

The new CIS+ system has an extremely clear layout and is very user-friendly, with many new, convenient functions. These include a DRIVESTICK to operate the CMATIC or HEXASHIFT transmission, an ELECTROPILOT four-way control lever with direction change, and the integrated 7-inch CIS colour display for viewing and configuring all the main machine functions.

CIS+ with continuously variable CMATIC transmission

With CIS+, the proven, continuously variable CMATIC transmission is now available for the first time without the CEBIS operating system. Using CIS+, the CMATIC transmission is controlled from the updated DRIVESTICK in the armrest, which has proportional control, of transmission acceleration and deceleration.

When accelerator pedal mode is selected, the DRIVESTICK can be used to manually intensify or reduce the engine braking effect. A cruise control button is also provided on the DRIVESTICK. The current forward speed can be saved simply by pressing this button.

The convenient and highly efficient HEXASHIFT transmission with the new SMART STOP function and cruise control are also available with the CIS+.

ELECTROPILOT four-way control lever with integrated reverser

In addition, CIS+ offers the new, ergonomically shaped ELECTROPILOT four-way control lever which provides a high level of convenience, particularly for front loader work or in combined operations.

The hydraulic functions are controlled as before using the four-way control lever, while forward or reverse travel can be selected at the touch of a button. This means that the driver can, for example, carry out all the operations associated with front loader or buck rake work using just one lever.

The CIS+ equipment package includes a 7-inch CIS colour display that is easy to see as it is built into the A-pillar. This display enables the driver to keep track of all the key tractor and machine functions, such as the transmission, headland management and electronic spool valves.

Everything under control with the 7-inch CIS colour display

As in the CIS version, with CIS+ all the functions can be controlled and adjusted using the rotary/push switch and ESC button on the dashboard.

CSM headland management and ISOBUS interfaces 

CIS+ also includes many tried and tested functions from the earlier CEBIS system. For example, flow rate and time control for individual spool valves is included, and up to four sequences can be recorded with the CSM headland management system. Up to six spool valves are available in total, with electronic actuation.

The driver can also directly control various ISOBUS machines during operation by means of the ISOBUS interfaces and F buttons which are part of the standard CIS+ equipment. The F buttons provided can be easily configured with the required function.

The high-precision CLAAS GPS steering systems and the CLAAS TELEMATICS telemetry solution are also available ex factory for the CIS+ in all configuration levels.

The CIS+ system will be available in all AXION 800 models and in the ARION 600 and 500 series from the start of production.