Press release

CLAAS launches new ARION 400 series

With its ARION 400 tractor series, CLAAS has successfully established itself in the compact 4-cylinder 90 to 140 hp tractor segment. In addition to the broad model range and wide variety of equipment options, customers particularly appreciate these tractors for their ease of operation and innovations such as the PANORAMIC cab for front-loader work.

CLAAS now presents the next generation of the ARION 400 with new features and even more options. These include an additional cab option with transparent sunroof, a low-roof version in all models and an automatic compressed air drier for the braking system, as well as a new entry-level version and all the convenience of the CIS+ system.

Transparent sunroof and low-roof version

In addition to the established cab options, including the multi-award-winning PANORAMIC cab, all new ARION 400 models right up to the most powerful 140 hp version are now available in a low-roof version which is unique on the market in this form. It makes the tractors 14 cm lower than the corresponding standard version, allowing them to enter low animal housing or older buildings. Previously, this roof version was only available in the two smallest models. In addition, all new models can be optionally fitted with a transparent sunroof, which is available for all high- and low-roof cabs. The transparent sunroof extends the driver's field of vision upwards, making it easier to work with a front loader. Furthermore, all ARION 400 models can optionally be equipped with automatic climate control instead of the current manual air conditioning system. Both rear-view mirrors also have wide-angle mirrors as standard to expand the field of view.

New equipment options

For simple yard or field work without a front loader, the new series has been expanded to include an easy-to-operate entry-level version without the familiar multifunction control lever. For the first time, all ARION 400 models are also available ex-factory with the highest CIS+ equipment option. The CIS+ system includes the CIS colour display, the highest-performance hydraulic equipment package with 110 l/min load-sensing system and up to six electronic spool valves.

The transparent sunroof extends the driver’s field of view and is also available in the low-roof version.

Braking system with compressed air drier

For the first time, the braking system on all new ARION 400 models can be equipped with a compressed air drier which has already proven its worth in the new large tractor series from CLAAS. The compressed air drier automatically filters any condensation out of the compressed air before it enters the accumulator, preventing premature corrosion of valves, cylinders and air reservoirs and damage caused by freezing water. This significantly increases the service life and safety of the braking system.

Front loader with steel hydraulic lines

A further extension to service life is gained from the use of new fittings on the ARION 400 series with factory-installed front loader brackets. In total, over 50% of ARION 400 tractors leave the factory with front loader brackets and in future all the hydraulic lines to the quick coupler will now made from steel tubing as standard.. As well as the 16/16 QUADRISHIFT transmission, the HEXASHIFT is available as a second transmission option for all new ARION 430-460 models. The proven 24/24 HEXASHIFT transmission with four automatic ranges and six powershift speeds, making it ideal for transport applications on the road and for field work.

Fuel-saving cruise control function

All ARION 400 models with HEXASHIFT transmission and colour display are now also available with a cruise control function whereby the forward speed selected by the driver is automatically maintained at the optimum engine speed. The engine therefore operates independently of the current task and is highly fuel-efficient at all times. For specialist work, the ARION 400 tractors can also be equipped with a ground speed PTO. They will also have the additional hitch option of a K80 hitch ball in the drawbar slot.

The new CLAAS ARION 400 tractors will be available from March 2018.